The Cats & Cocktails Book

The Cats & Cocktails book contains a diverse selection of 52 of the best cocktails we’ve made together, modeled for you by cats around the world.

We also added mocktails and other bonus content as well, but we won’t give away all the details!

Printed on 130 GSM matte paper in The Netherlands, this hardcover book with 144 full color pages and custom printed endpapers is sure to brighten your coffee table or home bar.

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100% of proceeds from the sales of each book will go to charity. From relying entirely on volunteer work for book design, editing, fulfillment, and website building; finding donations to fund production; and negotiating the best deals for printing and shipping, we’ve done our best to minimize costs and maximize donations.

We currently estimate that 84% of book sales will be donated to charity if we sell all 500 copies we printed. Additional donations will make this number even higher.


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If you are in the US, please consider buying from our discounted and damaged inventory instead. If you place an order, your order will be cancelled, and we will lose some money to fees. We may print more books if there is enough demand. If you are interested in buying more books, please fill out this waitlist form.


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Cats & Cocktails Lovers

The Cats and Cocktails Club is an international social media-based group of cat lovers that formed in early 2021.

We bonded over a love of cats and a love of cocktails, enjoying asynchronous happy hours around the world every week that have continued until the present day.

The club is open to all cat lovers and aspiring mixologists. To join the fun, follow us on Instagram where we post weekly recipes and sometimes challenges. Make the recipe of the week, post a photo of your cat(s) and drink alongside and use #catsandcocktailsclub. 

Who You Will Be Supporting

Mission Meow (USA)

Mission Meow works to increase the level of charitable donations for small feline-centric nonprofits to help create meaningful change for cats in need.

Association of Cats (France)

Catching, sterilising, marking and releasing cats in their local commune and surrounding areas.

Dierentehuis Den Bosch (The Netherlands)

The cat's section of animal shelter Den Bosch accomodates Dutch stray cats, gets them spayed and finds them a purrfect forever home.

Halkida Cats (Jersey & UK)

Halkida Cats supports a shelter in Greece who rescue sick and injured cats. They then transport the rescued cats once healthy to their forever home in the UK and Jersey

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